Documentation of the core library of GPAC
gpac Directory Reference


file  avparse.h
 Utility tools for audio and video raw media parsing.
file  base_coding.h
 Base 16 and 64 coding.
file  bifs.h
 MPEG-4 BIFS encoding and decoding.
file  bitstream.h
 bitstream reading and writing.
file  cache.h
 HTTP Cache management.
file  color.h
 Color conversion.
file  compositor.h
 GPAC A/V/2D/3D compositor/rendering.
file  config_file.h
 configuration file.
file  constants.h
 Most constants defined in GPAC are in this file.
file  crypt.h
 Utility tools for encryption and decryption.
file  crypt_tools.h
 Utility tools for ISMA and Common Encryption.
file  dash.h
 DASH Client API. The DASH client can be used without GPAC player but requires at least the base utils (threads, lists, NTP timing). The HTTP interface used can be either GPAC's one or any other downloader.
file  download.h
 HTTP(S) Downloader.
file  events.h
 Event system used by GPAC playback.
file  events_constants.h
 Constants for event system used by GPAC playback.
file  evg.h
 2D vector graphics rasterizer
file  filters.h
 Filter management of GPAC.
file  html5_media.h
 Scene graph extensions for HTML5 media.
file  html5_mse.h
 Scene graph extensions for Media Source Extensions.
file  ietf.h
 Tools for real-time streaming over IP using RTP/RTCP/RTSP/SDP .
file  iso639.h
 Language codes helper tools.
file  isomedia.h
 ISOBMFF parsing and writing library.
file  laser.h
 MPEG-4 LASeR encoding and decoding.
file  list.h
 Generic list of objects.
file  main.h
 main() macro for win32.
file  maths.h
 Mathematics and Trigonometric.
file  media_tools.h
 media tools helper for importing, exporting and analysing
file  mediaobject.h
 Interface between compositor and decoding engine for media data access.
file  module.h
 plugable dynamic module.
file  mpd.h
 Utility tools for dash, smooth and HLS manifest loading.
file  mpeg4_odf.h
 MPEG-4 Object Descriptor Framework.
file  mpegts.h
 MPEG-TS demultiplexer and multiplexer APIs.
file  network.h
file  path2d.h
 2D Vectorial Path.
file  route.h
 Specific extensions for ROUTE ( ATSC3, DVB-I) protocol.
file  rtp_streamer.h
 RTP streaming (packetizer and RTP socket).
file  scene_engine.h
 Live scene encoding engine with RAP generation support.
file  scene_manager.h
 Scene management for importing/encoding of BIFS, XMT, LASeR scenes.
file  scenegraph.h
 Scenegraph used for manipulating scenes (parsing, traversing, cleaning node status, ...)
file  scenegraph_svg.h
 Scenegraph for SVG files.
file  scenegraph_vrml.h
 Scenegraph for VRML files.
file  setup.h
 Base data types of GPAC.
file  svg_types.h
 Data types used for SVG scene graph.
file  sync_layer.h
 MPEG-4 Object Descriptor Framework Sync Layer.
file  thread.h
 Threading and Mutual Exclusion.
file  token.h
 String Tokenizer.
file  tools.h
 Core definitions and tools of GPAC.
file  utf.h
 UTF functions.
file  version.h
 GPAC version.
file  webvtt.h
 Helper functions for WebVTT parsing.
file  xml.h
 XML functions.