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utf.h File Reference

UTF functions. More...

#include <gpac/tools.h>
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u32 gf_utf8_wcstombs (char *dst, size_t dst_len, const unsigned short **srcp)
 wide-char to multibyte conversion More...
u32 gf_utf8_mbstowcs (unsigned short *dst, size_t dst_len, const char **srcp)
 multibyte to wide-char conversion More...
u32 gf_utf8_wcslen (const unsigned short *s)
 wide-char string length More...
GF_Err gf_utf_get_utf8_string_from_bom (const u8 *data, u32 size, char **out_ptr, char **result)
 returns a UTF8 string from a string started with BOM More...
Bool gf_utf8_is_legal (const u8 *data, u32 size)
 Checks validity of a UTF8 string. More...
Bool gf_utf8_reorder_bidi (u16 *utf_string, u32 len)
 string bidi reordering More...
u32 utf8_to_ucs4 (u32 *ucs4_buf, u32 utf8_len, unsigned char *utf8_buf)
 Unicode conversion from UTF-8 to UCS-4. More...


static const u32 UTF8_MAX_BYTES_PER_CHAR = 4

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