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CustomFilter Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

GF_Err configure_pid (_FilterPid pid, boolean is_remove)
GF_Err process ()
boolean process_event (_FilterEvent event)
GF_Err reconfigure_output (_FilterPid *opid)
void push_cap (DOMString pcode, PropertyValue prop, unsigned long flag, unsigned long priority=0, unsigned long custom_type=0)
_FilterPid new_pid ()
void update_status (DOMString status, unsigned long percent=0)
void reschedule (unsigned long when=0)
void notify_failure (GF_Err err, unsigned long error_type=GF_SETUP_ERROR)
void make_sticky ()
void prevent_blocking (boolean enable)
void block_eos (boolean enable)
void set_max_pids (long max_pids)
void hint_clock (unsigned long long clock_us, nFraction media_time)

Data Fields

attribute readonly boolean block_enabled
attribute readonly unsigned long output_buffer
attribute readonly unsigned long playout_buffer
attribute readonly boolean sinks_done
attribute readonly unsigned long nb_evts_queued
attribute readonly unsigned long long clock_hint_time
attribute readonly nFraction clock_hint_mediatime
attribute readonly boolean connections_pending

Detailed Description

Custom filter object

Member Function Documentation

◆ configure_pid()

GF_Err CustomFilter::configure_pid ( _FilterPid  pid,
boolean  is_remove 

callback used whenever a new filter pid is configured, initially set to null

pidthe PID to configure
is_removeset to true if PID is being removed
error code
the return value SHALL be set

◆ process()

GF_Err CustomFilter::process ( )

callback used by the filter to process data, initially set to null

error code
the return value SHALL be set

◆ process_event()

boolean CustomFilter::process_event ( _FilterEvent  event)

callback used whenever a new filter is added, initially set to null

eventthe event being processed (read-only)
true to cancel the event, false otherwise
the return value SHALL be set

◆ reconfigure_output()

GF_Err CustomFilter::reconfigure_output ( _FilterPid opid)

callback used whenever an output pid is to be reconfigured (capability negotiation), initially set to null

opidthe filter output pid to reconfigure
error if any, usualy GF_NOT_SUPPORTED if capability cannot be changed
the return value SHALL be set

◆ push_cap()

void CustomFilter::push_cap ( DOMString  pcode,
PropertyValue  prop,
unsigned long  flag,
unsigned long  priority = 0,
unsigned long  custom_type = 0 

push a capability in the current capability bundle - see gf_filter_push_caps

pcodecapability name
propcapability value
flagcapability flags (input, output, etc)
prioritycapability priority
custom_typetype of property if user-defined property. If not set and user-defined, property is a string

◆ new_pid()

_FilterPid CustomFilter::new_pid ( )

create a new output pid for this filter - see gf_filter_pid_new

_FilterPid object

◆ update_status()

void CustomFilter::update_status ( DOMString  status,
unsigned long  percent = 0 

update filter status - see gf_filter_update_status

percentprogress in per 10000

◆ reschedule()

void CustomFilter::reschedule ( unsigned long  when = 0)

reschedule the filter after a given delay - see gf_filter_ask_rt_reschedule and gf_filter_post_process_task

whendelay in microseconds

◆ notify_failure()

void CustomFilter::notify_failure ( GF_Err  err,
unsigned long  error_type = GF_SETUP_ERROR 

notify an internal failure of the filter has happend - see gf_filter_notification_failure and gf_filter_setup_failure

errthe failure reason (gpac error code, int)
error_typethe failure notification type. Can be one of:
  • GF_SETUP_ERROR: notification is a setup error, the filter chain was never connected
  • GF_NOTIF_ERROR: notification is an error but keep the filter chain connected
  • GF_NOTIF_ERROR_AND_DISCONNECT: notification is an error and disconnect the filter chain

◆ make_sticky()

void CustomFilter::make_sticky ( )

make the filter sticky - see gf_filter_make_sticky

◆ prevent_blocking()

void CustomFilter::prevent_blocking ( boolean  enable)

prevent blocking on the filter - see gf_filter_prevent_blocking

enableif true, blocking prevention is enabled

◆ block_eos()

void CustomFilter::block_eos ( boolean  enable)

block eos signaling on the filter - see gf_filter_block_eos

enableif true, eos blocking is enabled

◆ set_max_pids()

void CustomFilter::set_max_pids ( long  max_pids)

set maximum number of extra pids accepted by this filter - see gf_filter_set_max_extra_input_pids

max_pidsnumber of extra pids, -1 for no limits

◆ hint_clock()

void CustomFilter::hint_clock ( unsigned long long  clock_us,
nFraction  media_time 

set clock hint - see gf_filter_hint_single_clock

clock_usclock in microseconds
media_timemedia time as nFraction

Field Documentation

◆ block_enabled

attribute readonly boolean CustomFilter::block_enabled

filter blocking is enabled - see gf_filter_block_enabled

◆ output_buffer

attribute readonly unsigned long CustomFilter::output_buffer

maximum output buffer time - see gf_filter_get_output_buffer_max

◆ playout_buffer

attribute readonly unsigned long CustomFilter::playout_buffer

maximum plyaout buffer time - see gf_filter_get_output_buffer_max

◆ sinks_done

attribute readonly boolean CustomFilter::sinks_done

all sinks are done for this filter - see gf_filter_all_sinks_done

◆ nb_evts_queued

attribute readonly unsigned long CustomFilter::nb_evts_queued

number of queued events on the filter - see gf_filter_get_num_events_queued

◆ clock_hint_time

attribute readonly unsigned long long CustomFilter::clock_hint_time

clock hint value in microseconds - see gf_filter_get_clock_hint

◆ clock_hint_mediatime

attribute readonly nFraction CustomFilter::clock_hint_mediatime

clock hint media time as fraction - see gf_filter_get_clock_hint

◆ connections_pending

attribute readonly boolean CustomFilter::connections_pending

indicating connections are pending on the filter, readonly - see gf_filter_connections_pending