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Filter class

Filter management. More...

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Data Structures

interface  _Filter
interface  FilterStatistics
interface  PropertyValue
interface  nFraction
interface  Vec2
interface  Vec3
interface  Vec4

Detailed Description

See GF_Filter

Data Structure Documentation

◆ FilterStatistics

interface FilterStatistics

Statistics object for filter as defined in libgpac.

Fields have the same types, names and semantics as GF_FilterStats, except:

  • filter which is not present,
  • filter_alias which is exposed as a boolean.

◆ PropertyValue

interface PropertyValue

PropertyValue for filter, PIDs and packets are passed as :

  • native JS types for integers and strings
  • nFraction for 32 and 64 bit fractions
  • Vec2 for 2D float and interger vectors
  • Vec3 for 3D interger vectors
  • Vec4 for 4D interger vectors
  • ArrayBuffer for data, with data being copied
  • Array of above types for list properties

Pointer properties are passed back as "INTERNAL_POINTER" string and cannot be set.

Properties corresponding to constants are usually passed as strings, for example StreamType, CodecID, PixelFormat, AudioFormat.

◆ nFraction

interface nFraction

fraction object

Data Fields
number num

integer or long long numerator

number den

unsigned integer or unsigned long long denominator

◆ Vec2

interface Vec2

2D vector object

Data Fields
number x

integer or float X value

number y

integer or float Y value

◆ Vec3

interface Vec3

3D vector object

Data Fields
long x

X value

long y

Y value

long z

Z value

◆ Vec4

interface Vec4

4D vector object

Data Fields
long x

X value

long y

Y value

long z

Z value

long w

W value