Documentation of the core library of GPAC
python.libgpac.libgpac.DASHQualityInfo Class Reference

DASH media quality information (Representation info)

Static Public Attributes

 bandwidth in bits per second
 ID (representation ID in DASH)
 MIME type.
 codec parameter string
 width in pixels, 0 if not visual
 height in pixels, 0 if not visual
 interlaced flag, false 0 if not visual
 Frame Rate (Fraction), 0/0 if not visual.
 Sample Aspect Ration (Fraction), 0/0 if not visual.
 Samplerate, 0 if not audio.
 Number of channels, 0 if not audio.
 set to true if quality is disabled (no playback support)
 set to true if quality is selected
 AST offset for DASH low latency mode, 0 otherwise.
 Average segment duration in seconds, 0 if unknown.
 list of segment sizes for VoD cases, None otherwise or if unknown