Documentation of the core library of GPAC
GF_FieldInfo Struct Reference

#include <scenegraph.h>

Data Fields

u32 fieldIndex
u32 fieldType
void * far_ptr
const char * name
u32 NDTtype
u32 eventType
void(* on_event_in )(GF_Node *pNode, GF_Route *from_route)

Detailed Description

Node Field/attribute information for VRML/BIFS/SVG

all scene graph implementations should answer node field query with this interface. In case an implementation does not use this:
  • the implementation shall handle the parent node dirty flag itself most of the time
  • the implementation shall NOT allow referencing of a graph node in a parent graph node (when inlining content) otherwise the app is guaranteed to crash.

other fieldTypes may be ignored by implmentation not using VRML/MPEG4 native types

Field Documentation

◆ fieldIndex

u32 GF_FieldInfo::fieldIndex

0-based index of the field in the node

◆ fieldType

u32 GF_FieldInfo::fieldType

field type - VRML/MPEG4 types are listed in scenegraph_vrml.h

◆ far_ptr

void* GF_FieldInfo::far_ptr

far ptr to the field (eg GF_Node **, GF_List**, MFInt32 *, ...)

◆ name

const char* GF_FieldInfo::name

field name

◆ NDTtype

u32 GF_FieldInfo::NDTtype

NDT type in case of SF/MFNode field - cf BIFS specific tools

◆ eventType

u32 GF_FieldInfo::eventType

event type

◆ on_event_in

void(* GF_FieldInfo::on_event_in) (GF_Node *pNode, GF_Route *from_route)

eventin handler if any