Documentation of the core library of GPAC
GF_FSEventListener Struct Reference

#include <filters.h>

Data Fields

void * udta
Bool(* on_event )(void *udta, GF_Event *evt, Bool consumed_by_compositor)

Detailed Description

Filters may request listening on global events.

This is not thread safe, the callback will be called directly upon event firing, your filter has to take care of this

API of event filter is likely to change any time soon - used for backward compatibility with some old modules

Field Documentation

◆ udta

void* GF_FSEventListener::udta

user data of the listener

◆ on_event

Bool(* GF_FSEventListener::on_event) (void *udta, GF_Event *evt, Bool consumed_by_compositor)

callback called when an event should be filtered.

udtauser data of the listener
evtthe event to be processed
consumed_by_compositorindicates the event was already used by the compositor
GF_TRUE if the event is to be cancelled, GF_FALSE otherwise