Documentation of the core library of GPAC
FilterInstance Interface Reference


Public Member Functions

attribute void on_setup_failure (GF_Err e)
void send_event (FilterEvent evt)
FilterProperty get_info (DOMString info_name, optional boolean is_string=false)
void send_update (DOMString filter_id, DOMString arg_name, DOMString arg_value, long propagate_mask)
void set_source (Filter from, optional DOMString source_id=null)
void set_source_restricted (Filter from, optional DOMString source_id=null)
void remove ()
boolean has_pid_connections_pending (optional Filter stop_at=null)
FilterProperty get_arg (DOMString arg_name, optional boolean as_string=false)
void disable_probe ()
void disable_inputs ()
void reset_source ()

Detailed Description

FilterInstance wraps the set of functions available for filters loaded by the script

Member Function Documentation

◆ on_setup_failure()

attribute void FilterInstance::on_setup_failure ( GF_Err  e)

setup failure notification. This is a callback function assignable by the script. It is when loading a source or destination filter fails asynchronously

eerror code if any

◆ send_event()

void FilterInstance::send_event ( FilterEvent  evt)

sends an event on the filter - see gf_filter_send_event

evtthe event to send

◆ get_info()

FilterProperty FilterInstance::get_info ( DOMString  info_name,
optional boolean  is_string = false 

queries info on a filter an event on the filter - see gf_filter_get_info and gf_filter_get_info_str

info_namethe property name or ID of the info to query
is_stringindicate if the name describes a built-in property or a user-defined property
the property if found, null otherwise

◆ send_update()

void FilterInstance::send_update ( DOMString  filter_id,
DOMString  arg_name,
DOMString  arg_value,
long  propagate_mask 

sends an update to a filter - see gf_filter_send_update

filter_idID of the filter
arg_namename of the argument
arg_valuevalue of the argument
propagate_maskpropagate mask

◆ set_source()

void FilterInstance::set_source ( Filter  from,
optional DOMString  source_id = null 

assigns source name to a filter - see gf_filter_set_source

froma Filter or a FilterInstance object to set a a source for this filter
source_idthe source ID to assign

◆ set_source_restricted()

void FilterInstance::set_source_restricted ( Filter  from,
optional DOMString  source_id = null 

assigns restricted source name to a filter - see gf_filter_set_source_restricted

froma Filter or a FilterInstance object to set a a source for this filter
source_idthe source ID to assign

◆ remove()

void FilterInstance::remove ( )

removes a source filter - see gf_filter_remove_src

◆ has_pid_connections_pending()

boolean FilterInstance::has_pid_connections_pending ( optional Filter  stop_at = null)

checks if a filter and its connected output chain(s) have PID connection pending

stop_ata Filter or a FilterInstance object indicating where to stop the analysis. If not set and the filter is a source filter, automatically set to the Filter running the script
true if pid connections are pending

◆ get_arg()

FilterProperty FilterInstance::get_arg ( DOMString  arg_name,
optional boolean  as_string = false 

gets the value of a filter instance argument

arg_namethe argument name to query
as_stringif true, returns the value as a string, otherwise as a property object
the argument value as string or object, or null if no such argument

◆ disable_probe()

void FilterInstance::disable_probe ( )

disables data probing on the filter - see gf_filter_disable_probe

◆ disable_inputs()

void FilterInstance::disable_inputs ( )

disables input on the filter - see gf_filter_disable_inputs

◆ reset_source()

void FilterInstance::reset_source ( )

reset source identifier for the filter - see gf_filter_reset_source