Documentation of the core library of GPAC
_FileIO Interface Reference


Public Member Functions

 FileIO (DOMString url, _FileIOFactory factory, boolean direct_mem=true)

Data Fields

attribute readonly DOMString url

Detailed Description

interface for customFileIO object

Member Function Documentation

◆ FileIO()

_FileIO::FileIO ( DOMString  url,
_FileIOFactory  factory,
boolean  direct_mem = true 

constructor for FileIO object - see gf_fileio_new

urlURL to wrap, either source or destination
factoryfactory for object creation
direct_memif true, the buffer passed to read and write callbacks is only a wrapper around GPAC internal mem and is no longer valid at the end of the call (detached). If false, the buffer passed is a copy (slower).
For NAPI less than 7, direct_mem is forced to false.

Field Documentation

◆ url

attribute readonly DOMString _FileIO::url

gfio:// url corresponding to the fileIO object. This is the URL that must be passed to filter arguments