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JS FilterSession API

JavaScript API for FilterSession. More...

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Data Structures

interface  JSFilterSession
 JSFilterSession API. More...
interface  JSFilterSessionConfig
interface  JSFSFilter
 JSFSFilter API. More...
interface  JSFSFilterArg


void print (DOMString log)
void print (long log_level, DOMString log_str)


attribute JSFilterSession session

Detailed Description

This section documents the JavaScript API used to query the filter session.

Errors are handled through exceptions.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ JSFilterSessionConfig

interface JSFilterSessionConfig

Configuration object for user-defined sessions

Data Fields
readonly signed long threads

number of extra threads to use, -1 means all available cores

readonly unsigned long scheduler

scheduler mode, cf GF_FilterSchedulerType

readonly unsigned long flags

flags for session, cf GF_FilterSessionFlags

readonly DOMString blacklist

blacklist of filters for session, same as -blcakclist option, cf gf_fs_new

◆ JSFSFilterArg

interface JSFSFilterArg

Object describing a filter argument

Data Fields
attribute DOMString name


attribute FilterProperty value


optional attribute DOMString desc

textual description

optional attribute DOMString min_max_enum

min/max/enum value or null

optional attribute DOMString default

default value or null

optional attribute boolean update

argument can be updated

optional attribute boolean update_sync

argument can be updated in synchronous way only, and filter must be locked whenever shared data is modified

optional attribute DOMString hint

indicate the UI level of the argument - string can be undefined, "advanced" or "expert"

Function Documentation

◆ print() [1/2]

void print ( DOMString  log)

global context function for printing

logthe string to write

◆ print() [2/2]

void print ( long  log_level,
DOMString  log_str 

global context function for printing

log_levelthe log level to use: GF_LOG_DEBUG, GF_LOG_INFO, GF_LOG_WARNING, GF_LOG_ERROR. The special value -2 means print as gf_sys_format_help without highlight, the special value -1 means print as gf_sys_format_help with hightlight of first)
log_strthe string to write

Variable Documentation

◆ session

attribute JSFilterSession session

global context property representing the one and only JSFilterSession object attached to the loaded script