Documentation of the core library of GPAC
JS Core API for libgpac

JavaScript API for libgpac core tools. More...

+ Collaboration diagram for JS Core API for libgpac:

Data Structures

interface  JSGPACCoreSystem
 JSGPACCoreSystem API. More...
interface  WinRect
interface  FileInformation
interface  SHA1
interface  File
interface  Bitstream
interface  Fraction
interface  FileIO


attribute JSGPACCoreSystem Sys

Detailed Description

This section documents the JavaScript API used to query and control libgpac.

Errors are handled through exceptions.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ WinRect

interface WinRect

object used for TTY size info - cannot be created through constructor

Data Fields
attribute readonly unsigned long w

width of TTY in characters

attribute readonly unsigned long h

height of TTY in characters

◆ FileInformation

interface FileInformation

object used for file enumeration - cannot be created through constructor

Data Fields
DOMString name

file name

DOMString path

file path

boolean directory

true if directory

boolean drive

true if drive root (local HDD, USB or other mount points)

boolean hidden

true if hidden file

boolean system

true if system file

unsigned long long size

file size in bytes

unsigned long long last_modified

last modification UTC time in microseconds

◆ Fraction

interface Fraction

fraction object

Data Fields
long n


unsigned long d


Variable Documentation

◆ Sys

attribute JSGPACCoreSystem Sys

global context property representing the one and only JSGPACCoreSystem object attached to the loaded script