Documentation of the core library of GPAC
GF_User Struct Reference

Data Fields

void * opaque
Bool(* EventProc )(void *opaque, GF_Event *event)
void * os_window_handler
void * os_display
u32 init_flags

Detailed Description

GPAC user structure

Field Documentation

◆ opaque

void* GF_User::opaque

user defined callback for all functions - cannot be NULL

◆ EventProc

Bool(* GF_User::EventProc) (void *opaque, GF_Event *event)

the event proc. Return value depend on the event type, usually 0 cannot be NULL if os_window_handler is specified and dont_override_window_proc is set may be NULL otherwise

◆ os_window_handler

void* GF_User::os_window_handler

optional os window handler (HWND on win32/winCE, XWindow for X11) if not set the video outut will create and manage the display window.

◆ os_display

void* GF_User::os_display

for now, only used by X11 (indicates display the window is on)

◆ init_flags

u32 GF_User::init_flags

init flags bypassing GPAC config file